Filling the Swamp with Lobbyists.

Imagine you work at the EPA. You want to work to protect the environment. You studied environmental science in college. You have volunteered and led by example in your own life to help convince your family members to recycle or conserve our resources. You bike to work.

And then you get a bunch of new bosses. And they are all former lobbyists from fossil fuel companies or chemical manufacturers.

This would suck. And that is exactly what is happening. And the EPA isn’t alone.

The Trump administration is getting countless waivers to allow lobbyists to work in the roles governing the very institutions they were lobbying against.

An analysis by the AP shows that nearly half of the political appointees hired at the Environmental Protection Agency under Trump have strong industry ties. Of 59 EPA hires tracked by the AP over the last year, about a third worked as registered lobbyists or lawyers for chemical manufacturers, fossil fuel producers or other corporate clients. This is the very type of revolving-door conflicts of interests that Trump promised voters he would eliminate.

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