Have We Reached Peak Awful?

As a follow up to suggesting disinfectants could be injected into the body to fight COVD-19 Trump felt the need to berate a former Republican President. Why? Because the former President spoke of the importance of National Unity.

George W. Bush made a moving, eloquent plea for empathy and national unity, which enraged Donald Trump enough that he felt the need to go on the attack.

But wait…there’s more.

Trump has celebrated the return of N. Korean dictator while he works to silence the voices of Dr. Fauci and the medical community.

It makes these 50 most outrageous Acts of Trump published by the Atlantic seem almost petty.

When asked about what the President and his administration did over the past 3 years to help prepare in the event a pandemic would take place…he blamed being distracted by his own wrong-doings.

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