A GOP without a P-L-A-N.

So it’s the 2020 Republican National Convention, what does their 2020 Platform have to say about COVID, or Racial Inequality, or the economy, or the environment, or any domestic or international policy at all?


It is one page about how they aren’t going to have a platform and that the media reporting on it is biased, and they 100% endorse Trump…and the 2016 plan was pretty great and nothing has happened in the last 4 year worth amending it.

Yep. The GOP isn’t even trying to look like it’s doing the work.

This is worse than phoning it in.

It is proactively condemning the press for calling attention to their lack of preparation or vision for the country.

Just for comparison’s sake, here is the 2020 platform from the DNC. All 92 pages of it.

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