Debating like an Angry, Lying Liar who Lies.

If you can overlook the complete unprofessional, and frankly childish rancor our President unleashed on the world, on live TV, during the debate…then we can look at the substance of the claims he yelled and shouted at Biden, during his attempts to gaslight Americans. And most of it was flat out wrong.

So…How often did Trump lie? Basically the whole fucking time. According to the AP.

But wait, maybe the Associated Press got it wrong, because FAKE NEWS! So let’s try a few more sources:

FORTUNE: Trump’s 4 biggest lies about health care from last night’s debate

CNN: Trump unleashes avalanche of repeat lies at first presidential debate.

PolitiFact: Fact-checking the first 2020 presidential debate, Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

Politico: The biggest falsehoods and exaggerations in the first Trump-Biden showdown

Washington Post: Fact-checking the first Trump-Biden presidential debate

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