Counting Votes Isn’t Fraud.

Trump won’t stop lying to the American people. And it is undermining the foundation of our republic.

Say nothing about losing the popular vote by over 3.8 million votes, but now using the Bully Pulpit to cast a shadow of doubt over the validity of our election is about as Un-American as you can get. It’s also the text book definition of a sore loser.

After rambling about how awful and corrupt mail in voting is, he continued to complain that the states that remain uncalled are run by Democrats committing fraud. Trump falsely claimed, “The voting apparatus of those states are run in all cases by Democrats.” In fact, the secretaries of state in Georgia and Nevada — two of five states where a clear winner has not yet been determined — are Republican. In the case of Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger, Trump actually endorsed him for the office in 2018.

Following Trump’s speech, a handful of elected Republicans refuted Trump’s fraud claims, saying people should respect the Democratic process.

Alana Wise—NPR

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